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Contributing to documentation

This documentation serves as a comprehensive guide to help you navigate and contribute to the Stride Docs website.

If you're looking to make minor changes, such as adding or updating a manual, tutorial or page, or fixing a typo, feel free to jump straight to the Content Updates section.

For more extensive updates 🤯🤦‍♂️ or for a deeper understanding of the docs website project, we recommend exploring all the sections provided. Happy browsing and contributing!

Here are the technologies we use to build our website:

  • docfx (static site generator)
  • Markdown
  • Mustache template engine (docfx dropped Liquid template engine support)
  • Bootstrap
  • Emojis (because why not? 😎)
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JSON
  • PowerShell scripts
  • GitHub Actions (CI/CD) - Don't worry, this is already set up, you don't need to worry about it.

Table of Contents