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Bug bounties

If you are a developer with solid experience in C#, rendering techniques, or game development, we want to hire you! We have allocated funds from supporters on OpenCollective and will pay you for your work on certain issues.

You can find issues with bounties here.

If the issue you want to work on doesn't have a bounty associated to it, feel free to get in touch with us by creating a new issue or adding your message to an existing one, tagging us with @stride3d/@stride-contributors and sharing your email address or Discord handle. You can also do it directly through Discord by sending a message in #github-pr-and-issues with the @Developer tag.

If you are interested in tackling one of those issues:

  • Reply in the thread and tag @stride3d/@stride-contributors
  • We'll get back to you and reserve that issue to your name.
  • You can then create a new pull request and we'll review it.
  • Once merged in you will receive 60% of the bounty and the other 40% on the next official release of the engine.

Payment info

Stride uses the Open source collective as our Fiscal host which approves the payments. They process payouts twice weekly, once they have been approved by the admins of the Collective. They make payments via PayPal and Wise, and can only make payouts to countries served by these payment processors.

You can go to the specific bug bounty on Stride's Open Collective for payment: