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Voxel Cone Tracing Global Illumination

Howto: setup existing project with Voxel Cone Tracing GI

Reference Stride.Voxels

Since Stride is modular based, we need to add a reference to Stride.Voxels plugin:

  1. In the Solution Explorer, right-click on the user project

  2. Select Add Dependency

    Add dependency

  3. Select Stride.Voxels in the list and press OK

  4. You might be asked if you want to reload project, choose whichever option, both are OK.

Graphics Compositor

Voxel Cone Tracing requires several changes to the graphics compositor.

To make this easier, we prepared a graphics compositor ready to use with Voxel GI in the asset templates:

  1. In the Asset View, click

  2. Start to type Voxel in the search bar

  3. Select Graphics Compositor (Voxel Cone Tracing)

    Create Graphics Compositor

  4. In your Game Settings asset, change the graphics compositor to the newly created one:

    Set Graphics Compositor

Setup scene: Volume and Light

  1. In the scene explorer, above the Entity Tree, click the Plus icon and select Lights then Voxel volume

  2. Click the Plus icon again and select Lights then Voxel light

    At that point, the scene rendering will likely crash due to the light not being setup correctly (with error No Voxel Volume Component selected for voxel light.), but that's expected.

  3. In the property grid, change the Light Volume to the previously created entity:

    Setup light volume

  4. At that point, you can click the Resume button in scene renderer, and everything should be setup!

Play with it

To do a quick test, you can disable Skybox light (keep only directional light), go in shadow area and see if some ambient light spread there. You can also play with emissive materials.

Video tutorial

Here's a youtube alternative tutorial made by David Jeske on how to set it up: