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Rendering pipeline

Render features

Rendering logic is divided into RenderFeatures. Each render feature processes one type of RenderObject (eg meshes, sprites, particles, etc).

Stride executes features in phases: collect, extract, prepare and draw. This means each step of the pipeline can be isolated, parallelized and optimized separately.

For more information, see Render features.

Render views

You can render scenes from multiple points of view, represented as RenderViews – eg player views in a splitscreen game, or separate shadow views for cascades in a shadow map cascade.

Views are a first-class concept available to all rendering phases, allowing batching across multiple views.

Render stages

RenderStages select the effect and pipeline state per object, and define the output of a render pass.

For more information, see Render stages.


RenderObjects are registered with a VisibilityGroup. During the collect phase, the visibility group culls and filters them based on the RenderView and RenderStage.

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