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Stride is cross-platform game engine. This means you can create your game once, then compile and deploy it on all the platforms Stride supports. The engine converts C# and shaders to the different native languages, and abstracts the concepts that differ between platforms, so you don't have to adapt your code for each platform.

Supported platforms


To check which platform your project uses, add a break point to your code (eg in a script), run the project, and check the Platform.Type variable.

Supported graphics platforms

  • Direct3D 9 (limited support), 10, 11, 12
  • OpenGL 3, 4
  • OpenGL ES 2 (limited support), 3
  • Vulkan

Stride only supports MSAA (multisample anti-aliasing) for Direct3D 11 and later. Depending on your device's OpenGL shader compiler, Stride might not run with OpenGL ES2.


Direct3D 9 doesn't support HDR textures. Using HDR textures with DirextX 9 will crash your game.

Set the graphics platform

You set the graphics platform in the Game settings asset under Rendering settings > Target graphics platform.

Select graphics platform

For more information, see Set the graphics platform.

Preprocessor variables

Stride defines preprocessor variables if you want to write code that compiles only under a specific platform. For more information, see Preprocessor variables.

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