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Create a Linux game


Before following these instructions, make sure you've followed the instructions in Linux - Setup and requirements.

  1. In the Stride launcher, create a new game and select Linux as a target platform.

    New Game

  2. In Game Studio, in the platforms menu, select Linux.

    Platform Selector

  3. Press F5 to build and run the project.

  4. The first time you run the project, enter information about your Linux host:

    Credential Dialog

    Enter your information as below:

    Filled Credential Dialog

  5. Click Test settings to test the credentials.

    If you made an error, Game Studio displays:

    Invalid Settings

    If the credentials are correct, Game Studio displays:


    Click the OK button to continue.

    Game Studio copies the files over your Linux host in a subdirectory of the location you have provided. The name of the subdirectory is the name of your game.

    If something goes wrong, check the Output pane for details.


Your credentials are saved in the Settings dialog:

Settings Dialog

The password is encrypted using the Micrsoft System.Security.Cryptograph.ProtectedData.Protect method for the current user, and saved in Base64, displayed in the Settings. You can't change the password from the Settings dialog.

There are two additional settings that control the execution of a game:

  • Use CoreCLR: forces execution using .NET Core

  • X Display: forces execution on a specific X display of your Linux host

Compile outside Game Studio

Like any Stride project, you can also compile the project directly from Visual Studio or from the command line. In both cases, you need to select a valid configuration:

  • Debug
  • Release
  • CoreCLR_Debug
  • CoreCLR_Release

Debug and Release target Mono. The others target .NET Core.

Visual Studio

Once your project is loaded in Visual Studio, select the Linux project. In the Solution Configurations drop-down menu, you select a valid Linux configuration:

Configuration selection


To compile for Linux, from a command line, use:

msbuild /p:Platform=Linux /p:Configuration=CONFIG YourGame.sln

Where CONFIG is a valid Linux configuration.


  • No debugging facility yet

  • Switching the rendering graphics platform might cause the game to hang on startup. As a workaround, on the Linux host, in the directory where the game is deployed, delete the following directories:

    • cache
    • local
    • roaming

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