Table of Contents

Development Requirements

General requirements

To develop projects with Stride, you need:

Requirement Specifications
Hard drive space 5GB
Operating system Windows 10, 11 [see (1)]
CPU x64
GPU Direct3D 10+ compatible GPU
RAM 4GB (minimum), 8GB (recommended) [see (2)]

(1) Earlier versions of Windows may work but are untested.

(2) RAM requirements vary depending on your project:

  • Developing simple 2D applications doesn't require much RAM.
  • Developing 3D games with lots of assets requires larger amounts of RAM.

Mobile development requirements

To develop for mobile platforms, you also need:

Platform Requirements
Android Xamarin [see (3)]
iOS Mac computer, Xamarin [see (3)]

(3) Xamarin is included with Visual Studio installations. For instructions about how to install Xamarin with Visual Studio, see this MSDN page.

Running Stride Games

To run games made with Stride, you need:

  • .NET 8 if your application is not self-contained
  • DirectX11 (included with Windows 10 and later), OpenGL, or Vulkan depending on the platform, and the graphics API override set in your .csproj
  • Visual C++ 2015 runtimes (x86 and/or x64, depending on what you set in your project properties in Visual Studio)

Supported Platforms

For information about platforms Stride supports, see Platforms.