Table of Contents

Community Resources

Stride's community has made and shared all kinds of awesome stuff over the years. Have a look around for inspiration or perhaps for something that you can reuse for your project.

👾 Games and demos

Games, demo's and prototypes that people made.

Explore games and demos

⚙️ Example projects

Examples for you to try and dig into.

Try it out yourself

🎓 Tutorials and Articles

Tutorials and articles

Explore tutorials and articles

⨺ Models and Animations

From procedural mesh to animation controllers

Have a look

🌈 Shaders

Enter the magical world of shaders.

No shady stuff here, we promise

⛰️ Terrain and Water

Groundbreaking stuff and H2O related topics

Get your feet wet

🎥 Rendering and camera

Rendering, Camera's, render groups and more

Lights, camera, Action!

🍎 Physics

Physics, colliders, triggers

Bump in to some useful code

🪟 UI

Interfaces, interactions and 3rd party tools

We will tell you why

🎓 Visual programming

Visual programming, VVVV

Start connecting the dots

🎓 Tools and importers

General tools, Asset handling and importer tools

Import some knowledge