Table of Contents

Contribute to Stride engine

Here you can find various pages describing building the source locally for different systems. You can also find information about Stride's architecture.

Contribute code

Want to help out fixing bugs or making new features? Check out how you can do so.

Bug bounties

Here you can learn about the process on our bug bounty process.

Building on Windows

Building and running the Stride engine locally on Windows using Visual Studio or other IDEs.


Learn how manage translations for the engine.

Hot reloading shaders

Learn about hot reloading shaders.

Source debugging

Learn how to do source debugging.

Visual studio plugin

Learn about the Visual studio plugin for shader development.

Architecture 🧬

Build details

Details on the building process of the Stride engine.

Dependency graph

A graphical overview of Stride's Assemblies, NameSpaces and Core methods.